IQubed Design is a multidisciplinary practice devoted to thoughtful and critical architecture, urbanism, graphic design, and research.  At IQubed it is held as fundamental that craft and thought are to be weighted equally in all aspects of design.  Here, no doctrine is left unquestioned and no thought or design is ever accepted as complete; they are only ever paused.  "Impossible. Improbable. Inevitable." is a mantra that speaks to the beauty of a task taken from a state of all question to that of all answer and is the ultimate synthesis of the design process. 

My Story

Cyrus Dahmubed graduated from Harvard University in May 2012 with a Bachelors in Visual and Environmental Studies that focused on the history of architecture and urbanism.  He began his collegiate academic career at the age of 13, which afforded him the benefit of a deeply influential and formative experience.  Having been fortunate enough to study under professors such as Alex Krieger, John Stilgoe, Eve Blau, and Joana Gonçalves consistently pushed him to reshape the mould without breaking it.  His undergraduate work being primarily through writing and research, it is frequently in the vein and style of such prescient thinkers as Joel Garreau and Jane Jacobs.  He became the youngest student to ever participate in the Harvard Graduate School of Design's Career Discovery program where he excitedly received his first taste of studio work.  He then attended Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation for their NY/Paris program - a year-long studio-based program where in addition to studio he continued to take history and theory courses with professors and professionals such as Mabel Wilson, Amanda Parkes, Alessandra CianchettaJane Kim, and Lara Belkind.  By participating first in the architecture studio while in New York and then in the urbanism studio in Paris, Cyrus affirmed his belief that the design disciplines are inextricably intertwined.  Having returned to Boston, MA - his hometown - Cyrus has been working on a variety of design and research projects across all the disciplines.  


Please feel free to contact me to to inquire about potential projects, PDF's of projects and essays, or any other questions and comments.

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