client | mayor's office of new urban mechanics, 2014 public space invitational

Your Boston City Hall is a project to bring the people of Boston back into touch with the city’s most misunderstood and civically important building. Using only industrial strength vinyl adhesives, the project provides four enhancements:

1) the colorful signage enlivens the building’s otherwise drab facade and 

2) instantly signals to visitors that City Hall is a space for them, particularly through the “YOUR” banner, the orange color being reused on the grand stairway to mark the space as a public gathering area. 

3) As the paths wrap under the exterior of the Old Council Chamber they guide visitors in toward the front door, and

4) make their way onto the ground where they merge to lead through security and then split apart with the orange path being used to activate and take ownership of the grand stairway while the other three provide clear  pathways through the maze of corridors to City Hall’s most visited offices.