Simmons Crossing

A perspective view showing preliminary massing of the library and community center (lower left), grocery store (lower right), retail structures (central left and right), and restaurant (top). 

IQubed Design is currently providing masterplanning and massing services and strategies for Simmons Crossing in Foster, RI.  The project is for the creation of a village center in the rural town, which currently lacks the traditional sense of centrality that typify New England towns.  The design includes spaces for a library, community center, country-style grocery store, ample retail, a restaurant, central Common, bandshell, and landscaping.  It also provides suggestions for increased pedestrian infrastructure in the surrounding area and the construction of a bus station that would be used by the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority for the extension of an existing bus line that would connect Foster with Providence.  

The design emphasizes the need for a sense of unique placehood to create a cultural, commercial, and civic heart for the town.  Please click here for more information and to support the project.